Organizes design summits that provide new thinking around a specific topic for the greatest community benefit.

Bridges silos of knowledge by including experts from within the identified topic areas.

Provides a clearinghouse for very skilled design practitioners to locate others interested in building high-level collaborative teams.

Re-establishes the thoughtful inclusion of design in the process of change. Merges design back into the cultural assumption that science and technology will lead us to solutions for the future.

Establishes a voice for the membership’s expertise on these innovative
developments through a speaker’s bureau and on-line media.

Mentors next generation design leadership by selecting the most promising candidates and supporting their development through participation.

Develops a scholarly archive of the membership’s body of work to educate future generations.

Sounds like “no edge”
Looks like “knowledge”
Feels like “anything is possible”
When? “Now”
*Environmental Design with Generative Expertise

generative: fresh: breaking new ground, causal, conceiving, creative, devising, envisioning, fertile, formative, imaginative, ingenious, innovative, inspiring, inventive, novel, originative, productive, quick, ready, resourceful, seminal, sensitive, unconventional, unprecedented, untried, unusual

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